• The Armed Forces Memorial Wall is an online tribute to the lives of loved ones who have died in or after service.
  • By remembering former soldiers, sailors and airmen with your tributes, you will be building a record that can be searched by future generations.
  • Money raised by donations to the Memorial Wall will fund projects for our British Armed Forces & Veterans in need.
  • The tributes of your heroes past will fund projects for veterans of today.

How does the Wall work? 

  • Upload a picture of your Veteran, along with a description of their service and key details about their life.
  • If possible we ask you to make a donation. Remember, by pledging to support the Memorial Wall, the memory of your loved one will be directly helping British Veterans in need. Projects that will be supported include those that tackle homelessness, mental health, physical disability, poverty and projects that support bereaved children who have lost a parent in service.

Can I light a Remembrance Candle on the Memorial Wall?

  • Yes, you can light ‘virtual candles’ on key dates like birthdays and anniversaries. Candles can burn all year or for shorter periods and there is no limit on the number of candles on an individual tribute.

Who can take their place on the Memorial Wall?

  • Anyone who has been a member of the British Armed Forces, but are no longer with us, can be included on the Armed Forces Memorial Wall. 

Can I claim a free place on the Memorial Wall?

If you are unable to make a monthly donation, then you may take a free place on the wall. Free places include a photo of your choice, and a description of your loved one’s service and civilian life. Please contact us at enquiries@veteransfoundation.org.uk to request a free place. 

How to upload your tribute to the Armed Forces Memorial Wall.

  1. To get ready to submit your entry please make sure you have a photo of your Veteran and facts about their life. If you’re unable to source a photo, you could use a related image such as a picture of a regimental badge. The more information you have about their service, or life history beyond the Armed Forces, the better. There is a maximum limit of 500 words.
  2. When you have your photo and information ready, click through to the Armed Forces Memorial Wall.
  3. You will then be asked to 'Submit Your Hero'.

Click to view memorial wall

Armed Forces Memorial Wall - important:

  •  Your memorial will be manually checked to ensure it is legitimate - the manual process prevents online vandalism of the Wall. It will then be uploaded and become part of the Armed Forces Memorial Wall. This normally takes less than 24 hours. You will then receive email notification about your tribute.
  • Once uploaded, we ask you to use the blue Facebook share button located on your individual memorial page. This will (providing you are a member of Facebook) share the memorial directly onto your Facebook page and assist us in growing the awareness of the Armed Forces Memorial Wall.
  • You can also submit your Veteran's details by post using this form.
  • The names on the Memorial Wall at the time of its launch are servicemen and women we have previously paid tribute to on the Veterans' Foundation social media pages. The tributes were published at times of anniversary. The public's overwhelming response to these tributes inspired the creation of the Armed Forces Memorial Wall.